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What is Wi-Fi Internet Radio?

Internet radio has actually been around since the mid-1990's. You can listen to an internet radio station by visiting the broadcaster's website and listen in to radio station broadcasts from all around the world, and all within easy reach via your desktop or laptop computer. There is usually a link to listen to a live broadcast and sometimes a link to listen to older recorded shows and podcasts. There are now literally well over 10,000 stations and counting, offering content in just about most languages from all over the world, on all subjects and interests and just about all musical types, styles and genres.

While this is great if you are sitting in front of your desktop or laptop computer, it's not really convenient if you just want to check out the world of internet radio but don't want to have to switch on your computer just to listen. Well now you can with the Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio.

The Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio picks up a signal from your wireless connection which is broadcast from your wireless router. A wireless router sends out a wireless or Wi-Fi signal that you would usually use to connect your laptop to the internet without wires. So to listen to Internet Radio over Wi-Fi you will need to make sure you already have a broadband internet connection, a wireless router, and the Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio.

What Makes Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio Different?

Q2's approach to Wi-Fi Internet Radio is different. It's not about bells & whistles it's about simplicity. Results from our research is overwhelmingly clear, that despite the fact we all have access to the many thousands of radio stations and channels to choose from online, we all gravitate to just a handful of our favourite stations in the end! Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio has no buttons or controls and has just 4 presets. To change a channel, just turn the Q2 cube on to one of its sides, 4 sides 4 channels. To raise or lower the volume, just tip the Q2 Radio up or tilt it down.

Q2 Wi-Fi Radio has changed the way in which we access the internet. Like all other Internet Receivers on the market Q2 offers you exactly the same access to choice. For the many thousands of satisfied customers that have already purchased the Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio one thing is coming across loud and clear, you love Q2 Radio; you love its simplicity & style, its cuteness & fun and its performance verses size. And that it's not just about having quick access to the many thousands of podcasts and radio stations from around the world, it's about having quick access to the 4 that you really love.

Q2 has become for many a window to the sounds, music and news from their home towns or country. It connects them with their favourite musical genres from all around the world. It connects them to their preferred faith and religion or sports and news. It opens up a world of traditional and contemporary children's content and so on.

From what we are hearing, it would seem that for many, Q2 has become more than a just an Internet Radio, it's become a companion. So come on and join the Q2 revolution.

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Customer Comments:

  • Profile Pic Sophie

    I just got my Q2 - soooo easy to use. Set up a dream sounds great and take it round the house everywhere with me. Luv the tipping to change stations.

  • Profile Pic Pete

    My Blue Q2 is the colour of the Gulf of Mexico; now it's setup with Radio Margaritaville and Sun 99.5 I can have the sounds of the Sunshine State at the BBQ this weekend!

  • Profile Pic Marie

    Loving my little Pink Q2!!! The design is great and even i found it very easy to set up and use!! now just by rolling it over i can have my Friday night Party music, RnB,80's Classics and the sport for the other half (yawn). Great Product with great sound!!

  • Profile Pic Michaela

    great little radio the Q2, only problem is the kids keep pinching it cos its so easy to use. Found it in the bathroom yesterday. last night we were listening to a Detroit radio station we loved when we were in the States. -sooooo cooool

  • Profile Pic Petr

    Love this little thing! Finally I can listen to the my weird and wonderful stuff streamed in czech from Prague. How cool is that!

  • Profile Pic James

    Awsome!!! My blue one is wedded to Surfside 1640AM. So much sound from such a little box. Works by the BBQ too.

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